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Every business wants to be at the top of the Google, Yahoo & Bing search results. But with the new search engine algorithm updates penalizing websites for using old link building tactics, it’s harder than ever to figure out what you can do to boost your website ranking.

Here’s a secret we’ll let you in on: gaining a top ranking isn’t as hard as you think. At least not with SEO Suite and XGen SEO software in your hands. The search engines have made it clear you need diverse quality backlinks from high quality websites. That’s why we’ve developed a sophisticated range SEO tools to capitalize on the new ranking algorithms. You’ll be able to optimize your website, build 1000s of high quality backlinks from a diverse range of social sites and quality link exchanges, then efficiently manage and monitor your campaigns.

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What Can XGen SEO Software Do For You?

XGen SEO Software - >Wizard Styled, easy to use, friendly interface

Wizard Styled, easy to use, friendly interface

With its wizard styled intuitive and user friendly interface to guide you through this process quality link building becomes a simple task.

XGen SEO Software - Website Optimizer Tool

Website Optimizer

This comprehensive website optimizer analyzes your website and suggests ways to improve it so the search engines can better crawl and index it. This will help you rank better for target keywords!

XGen SEO Software - Automatic CAPTCHA Resolve Tool

Automatic CAPTCHA Resolve Tool

No manual entering of the CAPTCHA field needed because the intelligence of our specially designed tool for SEO power users resolves it automatically for all your email or social site account creation and article submissions!

XGen SEO Software - Automated Email Accounts Creator

Automated Email Accounts Creator

XGen automatically creates Yahoo accounts at the click of a button by filling in each field and resolving CAPTCHA automatically. You can also use any existing POP3 email accounts.

Automated Social Sites Account/Profile Creator

Our SEO tool automatically creates accounts on 100+ sites from article directories to bookmarking sites. Then it verifies each social media account on your behalf. No manual intervention needed!

Advanced Keyword Builder

Keyword Research is incredibly time consuming. Now all you have to do is add in a master keyword and click the button to generate 100s of relevant keyword phrases for you.

Article Research Tool

The handy research tool for SEO is all about making it easier for you to create content quickly. Simply enter a keyword phrase and XGen will find you relevant articles for you to reference!

Automated Content Submitter

This is the best SEO software you can use to automatically submit your spun article or video to a range of 100+ social sites, entering in all the fields from content to author information. Saving you hours of manual submission.

Automated Quality Link building

Submitting your content to all the major social media sites generates high quality backlinks to your website boosting it to a top ranking on Google, Yahoo and Bing!

Powerful Reporting Suite

Access our sophisticated reporting suite to measure your success in an instant including submission analysis, ranking analysis, traffic analysis and link building analysis reports.


XGen SEO Social Marketing ™ Software  

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XGen Social Marketing™ Desktop 

See how it works
tick image 100% web based service - no software to install. Access your account from anywhere
xgenseo_tick image Install and run from your own computer

xgenseo_tick image 100% fully automated - no technical knowledge required, User friendly and hassle free

xgenseo_tick image Give you more flexibility and control

xgenseo_tick image Create and Submit to 100+ top web 2.0 social networking sites

xgenseo_tick image Create and Submit to 100+ top web 2.0 social networking sites

xgenseo_tick image Starting from $59.00/month.

xgenseo_tick image Starting from $79.00/month or $479.00 One Time Fee

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